21 Days of Reduced Radiation Exposure

What you can’t see can most definitely hurt you. Viruses, carbon monoxide and even lead paint can send you to an undeserving early grave. Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is a part of our modern landscape, especially in urban living. Power lines and electrical appliances have been exposing you to EMR for years, but hopefully you've managed to avoid camping under electrical transformers or cuddling with your microwave while you slumber. A more recent concern comes from the EMR produced by our always-connected world of wireless communication. All those wireless phone service providers that are striving to get you more bars are also bathing you in radiation. This is in addition to the EMR emitted from your actual wireless device while you tote it around or talk on it. The convenience of untethered computing is also soaking us in EMR in our home networks and hotspots everywhere. With the ubiquity of wi-fi and over 4 billion global cell phone subscribers, there has been a substantial impact on our invisible environment. As scientists struggle to unravel the mysteries of EMR effects, some specialists are now blaming it for things including insomnia, depression, ADHD, cancer, birth defects and even the global disappearance of bees.

Try as many of these as you can for the next 21 Days and see how you feel. 

  1. Creating Some Distance: Some of the more conclusive studies show that EMR affects melatonin output. This stuff is vital to many biochemical systems including sleep, learning and fighting free radicals. Since your pineal gland is doing most of the serotonin conversion work predominately at night, do your best to clear the air waves. Turn off your phone, switch off your WiFi router, move your alarm clock away from you and keep your head space clear of high voltage appliances like refrigerators and microwaves (even if they are on the other side of a wall). An easy way to remember to turn off your wireless router is to put it on an inexpensive Christmas tree light timer.
  2. Send a Text: If you can’t wait another minute to tell your BFF that you just saw that actress from The Hills at yoga, type it out instead. Holding your phone in your hands instead of against your skull is always a safer choice.
  3. Get Wired: Try to use non-wireless technology to replace of any wireless version you have where possible. When at home, use a landline phone for calls. Use a wired printer instead of a wireless one. Instead of having wireless internet, connect directly to a Ethernet cord whenever possible. Or just disable any wireless technology when not in use.
  4. Keep it Away From Kids: Children are at a much higher risk than adults due to their EMR absorption rate. Their bodies have a higher water content which makes them more conductive to the radiation. Their thin little skulls can let up to 10 times more radio waves through than an adult’s. The documented safety guidelines aren’t drafted in consideration of those developing little brains with all the rapidly dividing cells. Keep the kids on speaker phone if using a cell. Opt for hard-wired computers (input devices and network cables) and keep them away from cordless phones as well, ideally through their early teen years.
  5. Escape It All: The Schumann Resonance (SR) is the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum, which is set at about 7.83 Hz. Interestingly enough, mammals' brains are also tuned to this same frequency. Maybe that’s why it feels so good to be outdoors and in nature. When our first hominid ancestors walked the earth 6 to 8 million years ago, it was without Starbucks wifi hotspots and a gaggle of 3G and 4G towers every ten yards. After millions of years evolving and living in this perfect magnetic resonance with out planet, it makes sense to carve out some time to get back to it. Take off your shoes and walk outside in the park at the least. Even better, get away on trip to the mountains where cell reception is null and there isn’t a power line in sight.
  6. Turn It Off: Has the quality of life really improved with our super connectivity? Does always being available make you happier? It wasn’t so long ago that we had to be in a specific location tethered to the phone base by a 2’ cord for the privilege of getting yelled at by our boss. Truth be told, we know very little about what these devices are doing to us. It takes about a decade for most carcinogens be be unveiled for what they really are. For twenty years, cigarettes were “physician tested and approved”. Whoops. Sorry about the lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. For decades, conventional wisdom deemed it safe to routinely preform x-rays on pregnant women. It wasn’t until many years later that this was linked to early childhood cancer. Even crazier, just about every shoes store in the country used to have a foot x-ray machine that they used as a sales gimmick. Leaking radiation all over the place for over 20 years, they were finally banned in 33 states by 1970. Until there are some better answers as to exactly what the consequences are, keeping the phone off until you actually need to talk on it just might be the best solution.

-Elijah Szasz